Jonah Kalsnes - March 3, 2024

Don't Hold Back - You Have Nothing To Lose

In this sermon, Jonah delves into the profound message behind the expression "putting your money where your mouth is" and how it aligns with Christian stewardship. Drawing from Luke 20:45-47 and 2 Corinthians 9:7, we'll explore three themes: the Cheapness of the Rich, the Charity of the Widow, and the Cheerfulness of the Christian. As believers, we are challenged to emulate the widow's radical generosity and unwavering trust in God, recognizing that our ultimate treasure lies not in material possessions, but in our inheritance in Christ. With heartfelt cheerfulness and a deep understanding of our spiritual wealth, we must live lives of extravagant giving and wholehearted devotion to God, knowing that in Christ, we possess a treasure beyond measure.

Scripture References: Luke 21:1-4

From Series: "The Gospel of Luke"

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